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A family-run business with roots in tradition and enthusiasm that continues to offer the highest-quality beef products worldwide. Based on our 60 years of knowledge and the superiority of our products, our primary goal is to be the first choice when choosing beef products on a global scale. With the help of our reliable Traceability system, Lirtix S.A. plays a pioneering part in strengthening welfare of animals throughout the entire manufacturing phase.

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Keep encouraging the creation of a strong culture centered on the principles of integrity, leadership, and advancement of human resources. Currently embracing our mission to create a more prosperous future for everybody.

Uruguay Leading the globe in the production of livestock.

South America’s southeast includes the nation of Uruguay. 12 million livestock and an approximate 3.5 million humans reside in Uruguay. a nation that has produced hormone-free beef since 1952 and has green fields covering 84% of its land surface. Uruguay stands out as the only nation with completely traceable cattle.